Graphic Programming

Your students are enthusiastic and want to program the blocks, they want to experiment and join the others in learning. The Logic Maker with its simple control gates will have them feeling comfortable and on the path to learning.

Integrated Scripting

Use Graphics Programming, Scripting or Both! We carefully thought it through and has engineered a customisable entry point for you and your students. Some may need to start with a visual interface with others, the more advanced opting to take a coding route.


Kitsi Recipes

Building a solution is often done collaboratively, in teams. The Kitsunei community, one you can join, has shared recipes. Access these for use at any time. Teachers can share with teachers. Teachers supporting teachers as they navigate the STEM curricula.

Save your application as a recipe

The programs you create are called Recipes and they are the bare bone of the Kitsi platform.

Make it public

Proud of your achievement? If you think others can benefit from it, share it with the community!

Access A World Of Resources

Import public recipes shared by others and incorporate them as one of your resources.


Visualize Your Measurements Advanced visualization tools just a click away. Widgets give you access to powerful tools to understand your measurements.