Kitsi Blocks

A STEAM solution that can traverse the levels of schooling into university and grow with the students into their adult lives.

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What can the individual Kitsi Blocks do?

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Bring the power of the Internet to your application! Monitor and control your blocks via WiFi.

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LED Matrix

Use its 8x8 array of LEDs to display letters, numbers and any pattern you could imagine.

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Senses rotation and acceleration. It is a combination of accelerometer, gyroscope and, magnetometer.

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Measures temperature changes in the environment allowing you to use that information in a variety of applications.

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Plug 100s of electronic sensors such as push buttons and potentiometers to full 3rd party digital devices such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You can use its 12 input and output pins to control and monitor other devices.

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An input block that allows control of an application you create using touch sensitive surface.

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Motor Driver

Drive 4 motors at the same time, whether they are Servos, Brushed with encoders or DC motors allowing for transport and robotic applications.

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Power Station

A single source of power for all your blocks. Provide power to your invention from any USB port; the computer, a phone charger, a battery pack, it all works.

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Send and receive IR signals that you program. It allows remote control of your Kitsi inventions and other home appliances as well such as TV, Aircon, home security and the like.

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Kitsunei Creator

Extend the power of the Kitsi Blocks with an easy to use software. Graphics Programming, Scripting or Both!

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