Designed for you to engage and enthral ALL students.

The world is changing rapidly with 1st world migration of jobs to other countries accelerating. Communities are being upended. The social toll is immense. It is falling to the teachers, to engage students in STEM-based studies that lead to needed occupations and business enterprises. The push from governments worldwide is for STEM and STEAM education. They see it as a necessary step to achieving appropriately educated workforces with bright futures.

What was, is no more, people need to reskill into more creative higher value occupation and entrepreneurial endeavours to survive. Kitsunei is a compelling resource, an essential part of the solution suite. It addresses teacher anxieties. They want their students engaged and connected and motivated. Kitsunei manifests "learn by making" and has been designed to allow the teacher to move their charges from "I can't" to "I can" to the eventual "I want to".

The Kitsunei solution is teacher focused in the first instance. Teachers are time poor and want solutions that work, i.e. easy to learn, simple to execute in the classroom and be mappable to curriculum outcomes.


There's a scarcity of easy edtech "learn by making" tools for teachers

Kitsunei imagined a positive future; one in which teachers resource needs are understood. A future in which ALL students have the opportunity to engage enthusiastically in STEM and STEAM subjects. We thought, however, that this would NOT happen unless teachers had uncomplicated edtech resources that allow them to develop appropriate pedagogies easily.

The pressure is on. Teachers, already stretched, have yet another set of curricula to teach: the brace of "Digital Technologies" and the pedagogic challenges that come with it. How is that possible when the EdTech resources available do not lend themselves to the pedagogies required to teach STEM effectively.

Simple to complex; easy to start, firing interest with a confident "I can" attitude. What is needed is a STEM solution that can traverse the levels of schooling into university and grow with the students into their adult lives. That'd be the DNA of a great STEM solution, one that releases the creative for all students at all levels. Furthermore, one that is easy to implement and integrate into the diverse STEM and STEAM curricula for teachers as well.