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What Is Kitsi

A fun and ever so easy way to code and build. It is an electronic building platform comprised of small, chocolate square sized sensors, that behave as input and output blocks. Power is from sources of your choice. It is completely modular designed as a professional prototyping tool.

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What can I do with it?

Water Sensor Picture

Unleash Your Student's Inner Maker

You can learn how algorithms work, the relationship between hardware and software and how one is controlled by the other. Learn and build at the same time. You do not need a tech background to start building, you learn on the platform and that learning can last a lifetime.

Kitsunei Creator

This is where the learning and project development takes place. The software has been specifically designed to accommodate the design thinking process. Ideate, create, test, recreate and apply.

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What other schools are saying

I like how the software interface works but what I like most is the “computational blocky non code” and the way you can program.

Support is awesome.. The best part of the purchase.

Worth every cent and some. Being able to engage students so quickly is amazing.

It is ideal for problem based learning and naturally gloves to project based learning.

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Lovingly created by our community of teachers, students and makers.

Kitsi is an amazing platform where the possibilities are limitless. Here are a few examples of projects where individual possibles have been realised. Find inspiration.
Heart Rate Monitor

Breadboard & Heart Rate Sensor

Robotic Arm

Multiservo Controller

Quadruped Robot

Motor Driver In Multiservo Mode