Designed With Teachers In Mind

We imagined a positive future in which teachers resource needs are understood. A future in which ALL students have the opportunity to engage enthusiastically in STEM and STEAM subjects. We thought, however, that this would NOT happen unless teachers had uncomplicated edtech resources that allow them to develop appropriate pedagogies easily.

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    State Of Art Hardware Solution

    The platform is designed to help you accommodate "student built" hardware solutions.

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    Visual Programming With The Logic Maker

    The Logic Maker with its simple control gates will have your students feeling comfortable and on the path to learning.

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    Progressive Easy Steps To Coding

    Some students may want more. Select the level that is appropriate for your class, for your students.


I strongly believe that the Kitsunei blocks will encourage students to develop practical, inventive and above all purposeful applications which will not only increase their capacity to understand coding but also create opportunities for their entrepreneurial development of original ideas.

Simon Riley, Principal, Ipswich State High School

I strongly believe that supporting Kitsunei Pty Ltd in its quest for developing digital products locally for teaching and learning could add significant value to education not only in Queensland but nationally .

Dr. Vinesh Chandra, Senior Lecturer in Technology and STEM Education, QUT

The Kitsi Blocks Feature List

We help you focus on what matters: speed of preparation and engaging ALL students regardless of level.

Learn by doing the Kitsunei way

Think of this: Explaining physics by starting with the formula is like explaining a basketball game by starting with the stat sheet. The sooner theory is applied, the sooner the aha moments kick in: Wonder, Engagement, Insight, Invention.

The Kitsi Recipe Storage Centre

Save the programs you author for future use and sharing. The programs you write are called Recipes. This highly convenient feature is for teachers in preparation and assessment.

Kitsunei Community Share Recipes and Learn

Building a solution is often done collaboratively, in teams. The Kitsunei community, one you can join, has shared recipes. Access these for use at any time. Teachers can share with teachers. Teachers supporting teachers as they navigate the STEM curricula.

The Logic Maker

No need for coding. Your students are enthusiastic and want to program the blocks, they want to experiment and join the others in learning. The Logic Maker with its simple control gates will have them feeling comfortable and on the path to learning.

Javascript, Python, Scratch, Swift?

Want to fine-tune your innovation and the logic maker isn’t cutting it, not a problem. With our SDK, you can have the programming language of your choice plugged in.

Works with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi Universe

Many Schools and Universities have Arduino and Raspberry Pi resource kits with teachers and students versed in their use. We do not want Kitsunei to be seen as a replacement resource but a lead complement. With the Kitsi Breadboard Block other ecosystems can be used.

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